Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Recently Sephardic convert assaulted by federal forces after threatened a prosecutor office online

City of Rio Gallegos, administrative region of Santa Cruz. Argentine Republic. Last updated 0:00 08/13/2020

He posted on facebook a rep

lica airgun model of Glock17 firearm, with a Jewish-Palestine flag as a background and in a matters of days, 'feds' came knoking his door.

Yisrael Elyahu is a recently converting jew from a Sephardic origin, a disabled person and living every day laying down on a bed, after suffering from tuberculosis bacteria and a severe diagnosis of mental health degradation. His tragic personal story made him as he says, "more Jewish than ever", following top leader rabbis in the US and Israel like Yosef Mizrahi.

 In midst of coronavirus pandemic, with a judicial system almost not working at all, an anti-Semitic attack from the estate is a strong suspicion of he.

Last day, in the past two weeks he had insulted an unknown prosecutor from the city of Buenos Aires (the federal Capital of Argentina), far away +1400 miles from his location -near Falkland islands latitudes-, accusing any of the officials there to be part of the 'network' that collaborated in the fatal criminal neglecting of his wife Maria Depretto (1993-2019) who passed away at the age of 26.

In the morning of today (08/12/20) federal agents from the police equivalent to United States FBI, broke into his residence and hours later they leave the location with a gas blowback toy pistol as evidence.  Ysrael Eliyahu was not put into custody but expressed in his networks the confiscated valuables for around 500 USD of worth investnent.

Breaking report in progress...

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