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Tragedy of disabled girl with Russell-Silver Syndrome Maria Depretto finished her life after son was taken away by the State

Mo. 2019-08-05 Buenos Aires Autonomous City, Argentina.

A report was filled against the State of Argentina for "Encourage of suicide" with a social service's officer being pointed; Paola Argañaraz. The victim was Maria Depretto, leaving a child aged 2.

Hospital called "J.M Penna" distant 3 miles from "Casa Rosada"
Police was called to public hospital "J.M. Penna" in south neighborhood of Buenos Aires City around 20:00 because according to Maria Depretto's husband, his wife have had attempted a self-agresssion by non-administrating her immunosuppressant medicines for a kidney transplant in a lapse of several months and no social services or authorities take into account his repeated calls for help. Once arrived charges were not presented immediately but police take a brief testimony about the overpopulation and the overall conditions in that public hospital, not to far from the subway system "H" line.

The situation was the same in all the public hospitals, Maria couldn't even reach the ICU, she fought for a pneumonia for more than a week. There was no room for herm public health system was collapsed in general, although she was with all the life support equipment like the ventilator, the room she was did not meet the minimum requirements of a clean room intended for a patient with viral or bacterial infection. Maria fell hospitalized Sunday 28 July between 1:20 a.m. and 2:00 a.m.

Maria Veronica Depretto literally told to his husband Israel Elias Martinez (also disabled) that she wasn't able to continue on life without his son Mateo, that a part from her was taken away. She discovered that just without leaving immunosuppressive treatment she could cause her death. Israel, a former Red Cross volunteer wasn't sure it was that easy, even though he always took her wife to Emergencies either by his means or by ambulance after calling 107 (medical emergencies number). Latest renal study made in Argerich Public Hospital (La Boca) (February 2019) was okay or at least, that was he was told. Strange symptoms were present since September 2018 like fatigue. No physician was able to determine the renal failure was starting silently. In a lapse of a few weeks Maria was infected with a pneumonia virus or bacteria and the tragic chain reaction then occurred. The main hypothesis is due to renal malfunction Maria's blood started not to being properly cleaned within his organism and it was self "poisoned". Infection took only 24 hours to grow and become lethal, before that she was writing his husband via Whatsapp normally everyday. He was outside the city to request an income for disability in Santa Cruz province, distant 2400km from Buenos Aires. Maria had to be searched by the police because nobody knew where she was or what happened to her after losing contact with his husband. Also all available phone numbers to locate lost people in hospital were out of service.

Main entrance of "Penna" public hospital.
The young Maria suffered a cardiac arrest when doctors were trying to move her to a recently available ICU (Intensive Care Unit). CPR couldn't revert the vitals and the worst news for her husband who is mentally disabled were about to happen. A moments later after receiving it, he had a psychiatric crisis but could be controlled with the support of friends and relatives.

Report against the State of Argentina:
Maria Depretto arrived on ambulance after emergency call.
A report was sent before things get serious to the I.A.C.H.R requesting immediate preventive measures but the report was ignored by the Organization of American States. This was at the beginning of the year.

On August 22nd, 2018 the State leaded by the officer Paola Argañaraz and exercising inter state authority sent some relatives to a public hospital where Maria, his son and husband were waiting the medical discharge, and the child was kidnapped and taken to an unknown location outside the federal district of Buenos Aires.

To accomplish this they crossed inter-state borders as Argentina has similar federal system to the U.S. relating to territories and the capability or limitations when a change of state is present.

Police did not intervene and there was no warrant for any action related to custody, not after September the 4th. when a provincial judge signed a preventive measure meaning that the child was required to be taken away from his mother Maria Depretto. But her son Mateo Elias was already in their state jurisdiction and the parents couldn't do anything. Maria did not want to return to her suffering place where she was assaulted sexually by strangers repeatedly and where the relationship with her family was not the best.

Every move of Maria and his husband Elias was recorded
 with Google Maps using High Precise Location (GPS).
In total there are near 800 recorded calls to; emergency services, social services, legal assistance services, domestic violence programs, sexual crimes victims programs, etc. And hundred of kilometers traveled in Maps Timeline history. All the available to citizens institutions where called for help or visited, before, during and after the case of this couple who suffered the violation of the Article N°23 of the United Nations convention on Rights of persons with disabilities which allow these minorities not only to have life as a couple but to also have children with the assist of the state parties.

A request for opening an investigation was sent to National Criminal and Correctional Court N°41. Involved parts are;
- Municipality of Buenos Aires (Horacio Rodriguez Larreta)
- Ombudsman of Argentina
- Ombudsman of Buenos Aires Province
- Advocacy's General Office,
- Advocacy's Office of Buenos Aires Autonomous City (both criminal and civil)
- Ombudsman of Buenos Aires Autonomous City
- 107 Medical Emergency Service (SAME)
- Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Argentina
- Office of Domestic Violence of Supreme Court.
- National Civil Court Nº86 in charge of Maria del Carmen Bacigalupo.
- Municipality of "La Matanza".

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