Thursday, July 25, 2019

Disabled man abandoned to death in the third most important city of Argentina

July 25, Thursday 2019 22:00 - Rosario, Argentina.
Repeated reports of human rights violations towards disabled persons in the south-american country.
Street View of Centennial Hospital

National television started this afternoon with the tragic news about a disabled man in wheelchair who arrived to a public hospital for respiratory problems. Reports said emergency service was already informed about this patient but the health service was apparently collapsed, a situation which occurs very often for example in the capital of Argentina Buenos Aires. The hours passed away and the disabled patient was left without any care in the wait room of the hospital. Although he was in company of someone, they put their trust in the supposed professionals of that place and only wait indefinitely to the patient to be called to a doctor's office. The victim was deceased waiting for the medics. Nobody realized in a moment to another the man stopped breathing until somebody touched him and it was too late. Report talks about a fatal respiratory failure.
Location of Hospital

The city of Rosario in Santa Fe province is the third largest urban area of Argentina and some people state it is the second in relevance after Buenos Aires.

It's unsure whether or not Rosario has a local regulation in cases of disability and wait times but in the municipality of Buenos Aires there is a specific law about disabled people having priority in all private and public institutions. Although always there are national laws, federal system of Argentina is often used to ignore Rights of minorities. For example being robbed in federal jurisdiction means police will stop chasing the criminal if he trespass the borders dividing federal from provincial governmental areas. Buenos Aires autonomous City has a federal area of 320km2 surrounded by a purposely made highway and most of laws and international treaties are only enforced within this territory. Even in this case, reports of human rights violations do exist in Buenos Aires city but generally the gravity of the situation gets worse the further you are from national capital.

Regarding human rights violation in the same location, on January 22, 2018 police tortured two females in a police station; News link (Spanish).

VID_20180707_193011045: Footage of building conditions in a public hospital of Buenos Aires (Durand)


Sunday, July 21, 2019

Tommy Robinson finally jailed, supporters around the world shocked.

After several misunderstandings and confusions regarding various convictions or pending ones, reality today is that Right Wing activist and political candidate from the UK is now imprisoned, in solitary confinement 23 hours a day, precisely 23 and a half hour. He may serve a 9 month sentence. Supporters and even Human Rights defenders without any political affiliation are shocked, from UK to Canada and the United States to Argentina. information has arrived through Youtube "Rebel Media", and channel
presentator has traveled specially from Canada to UK to make sure Tommy is not mistreated and the minimum imprisonment conditions are met. But for him and a lot of the supporters, some of them libertarians the politician and former hooligan is being tortured and of course is a political prisoner. Some say they wanna let him die, sent to a maximum security prison intended for the worst criminals in Great Britain, murderers and terrorists. Authorities said Tommy is in solitary confinement for his own safety but supporters have a clear vision that British
government want him to die or be assassinated since in that prision is full of Muslim gangs, related to the Muslims that Tommy Robinson was fighting against, for supposedly gang rape of british girls. Robinson was arrested when he was filming outside the court and defendants were entering the building. Authorities said that with his actions Tommy was kind of obstructing the law warranties and making possible to the suspect's charges to be dropped. For friends, family, followers and supporters that is just a no-sense excuse for a clear "North-Korean" style persecution because Robinson was reaching the interests of the elite and establishment.

Supporters of the Libertarian movement claim that this case is a total mess where a citizen is imprisoned without trial and without committing any crime, just for going live streaming on Facebook in the public sidewalk. Prior to the arrest and imprisonment of Tommy whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon asked for political asylum in the United States.