Sunday, April 21, 2019

Quora accused of anti-semitism towards a Sephardi origin user.

The successor of Yahoo answers,, blocked and deleted an user's comment from Argentina in a debate about Ashkenazim Jews.

It is not the first and the only case of web censorship and attack of companies from Palo Alto against the freedom of speech, the worst reputation website censoring people because of their political views or believes at the moment is

This time a Sephardi origin user from South America expressed his disagreement about the fact of Ashkenazim Jews being related to biblical Israelis but related to eastern Europe peoples and having participation in the Bolshevik Revolution, stating "a regime that annihilated more than 100 million" a concept which is on the same line as the Rab Yosef Tzvi Ben Porat', uncovered a couple of years ago through the social networks and taken down at least one time. In the other side several Youtube users pointed that this Latin-american "cyber-protester" may be an active supporter of the Naturei Karta ultra-orthodox community.

In the end this questioning about the ethnicity of Ashkenazim was enough for the administrators of Quora to delete the comment and arguing violation of the therms of use and warn the poster to depone his attitude or being banned permanently.

A little briefing of history
Sephardi Jews are the Jews who established themselves in Spain and some people claim these branch of Jews are ethnically semitic while Ashkenazim not really. Also is a common believe these second ones to be the main supporters of Zionist Movement
For now is not the first time anti-communist speech is being banned in major social networks and media an perhaps it won't be the last.
Reddit - Another example of someone complaining about

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