Monday, November 12, 2018

State police of Mendoza Province and the very same President Mauricio Macri involved in the suicide of a national hero.

State police of Mendoza Province involved in the suicide of a national hero.

Argentina is in mourning, at least the people who cared about Walter Monzon, a citizen of Tucuman Province, with some hard past (including a police investigation), who risked his life to save a child who was drowning in the Gastona river, distant 40 miles from Tucuman capital city Source.
Photo of Walter Monzon

 That episode of heroism happened at the beginning of the year 2018 (12/1), but almost a year later on October 23, 2018 the information we have is he finished his life after a sum of problems and the most, a six day arrest by the police of Mendoza. Sources said they had not a single proof of a committed crime for arresting him. It appears that this event was the drop who overflowed the glass and led Walter to the drastic determination of suicide, without taking into account that President of Argentina called him by phone to greet him and offer a way out to his problems, specially being unemployed, but none of the promises were accomplished.

A friend of Walter, Natalio Danzo made a post on the networks; "I will never forget that demonstration of saving that little girl, losing you is lamentably. With Julia Tellene we did all it was at our reach, I'm sorry if that was not enough, rest in peace my true hero. Thanks to all the authorities for releasing their hands from him and to the cops that harassed him for other police reasons that they didn't have proofs".

Another online newspaper said:

Being "clean" during the last days, the police arrested him for almost a week "He was walking around, looking for job, doing nothing, just because they considered he had a suspicious behavior, that hit him a lot", Danzo remembered

Source: Pagina12