Monday, October 15, 2018

Province Ombudsman denies to cooperate in a child abduction case and Judicial endorsement which violates the U.N. C.R.P.D.

Buenos Aires Province 15/10/18

Members of suspected criminal organization called "La Campora".
The state Ombudsman (Guido Lorenzino) from the Buenos Aires Province has endorsed the decision of a Family Court in charge of LIDIA BEATRIZ TESTA (Court 3, San Justo) of taking away from a disabled couple, their child rearing authority. They've adopted an exceptional measure established in the Federal Law No. 26061 which is even worse than adoption process bureaucracy, applied in cases of abandon, neglecting or violence towards a child from their parents. This measure is so extreme that not even a lawyer can access to the judicial file and make a defense plan. In the other side, the law itself says that the measure cannot be extended in time and the maximum "quarantine" period is 6 months though. But, although Argentina has several preventive measures for domestic violence situations, most of them are totally dependent of the Judicial System and not this case, which above mentioned law grants authority to the municipality, this constitutes implicitly an exception to the norm.

The public officer accused of violating the C.R.P.D. and the very same Federal Law No. 26061 is Paola Argañaraz whom we can see in this article's attached image next to others members of "La Campora".

H. Campora was a politician in past history of the Argentine Republic and some people claim this name was used to the political organization lead by the former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a political block from the far left wing in this country and suspected of committing several crimes from extortion, human trafficking, child abduction, procurement till assassinations of even their own members.

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